Sara holds a Ph.D. in Professional Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Masters' degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Bryn Mawr College, and a B.A. from Swarthmore College as well as a certificate in Business Administration from the Wharton Graduate School.

She is very interested in emerging technologies, particularly the social aspects of their adoption and use. An expert at working with and making sense of quantitative data, Sara is equally skilled at grasping the subtleties of personality and organizational culture. Her unique professional background, together with her extensive overseas experience, enable Sara to see and sense things others do not. Thus, she helps clients craft novel and effective strategies, while remaining true to their identities and aspirations. She particularly enjoys working with clients on emerging issues, where innovation is not an option but a necessity.

Sara has also appeared on a NBC3 report by Denise Nakano, entitled "Spender or Saver." Sara discussed the role of brain chemistry in driving behavior and suggested ways to "train your brain" to gain more control of your spending and saving.

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